Most Appreciated American DJ’s

Are you a club enthusiast? If so, then you will surely find very interesting and useful our article, as we will talk a bit about most appreciated American DJ’s which you should see at least once in a lifetime, even if their shows are quite expensive. We really hope that you will enjoy to the fullest the subject we have chosen for this article.

Derrick Carter

There is no doubt that house music would not be what it actually is these days if it wasn’t for Derrick Carter. This great American DJ was born in LA and raised in Chicago, and he took the foundation that Frankie Knuckles built and shook it. As a selector and a label honcho, Carter’s mark on the Chicago scene and beyond is absolutely incredible.


Dieselboy, on his real name Damian Higgins, has been and still is a highly appreciated American DJ, who offers spectacular shows. He cut his teeth creating the Philadelphia d’n’b scene in 1990. Furthermore, he had an amazing success with his track ”Invid”. Higgins comes from an unusual artistic lineage. His father was a one-hit wonder in 1981. All in all, Dieselboy remains in the US’s music history as an exceptional DJ.

Deep Dish

At the time when Dubfire and Sharam immigrated to the United States, their hometown, the Washington DC, was not a hotbed of dance music. Therefore, they decided to change that and bring house to the House of Representatives. Their vibrant and fresh pop remixes made them club mainstays as well as Grammy-nominees. Their album ”George Is On” stood the test of time, in 2005. Later, they took some time in order to focus very well on their solo career. However, the boys decided to reunite again for some new music and several tour dates for those who are lucky enough to go deep.

Josh Wink

Josh Wink is highly responsible for pushing the popularity of acid house in the United States of America, and he is way deep in the Hall of Fame. He recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his label, Ovum. If you love club music, then you should go to Josh Wink’s shows. We are sure that your experience with this American DJ will be unforgettable.


We also want to talk in this article about Magda, who is another highly-appreciated American DJ. She actually hails from the dance music mecca of Detroit. Magda’s sets are quite hard to pin down to one sound, and she easily can trace the roads between emotive techno and thumping basslines. She has been and still is a fixture on the techno circuit in Berlin.


You have certainly heard about Moby, who is absolutely amazing. He is the main reason why most teenagers love dance music. Moby has been killing the game since the early 90s. One interesting thing you need to know about Moby is that he has sold more than 20-million albums worldwide, which is a rare feat for anyone. More than this, the DJ has today his own line of tea.

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