Best Places with DJ’s in LA

There is no doubt that Los Angeles is one of those cities that have been and still IS extremely popular and wonderful from many points of view. If you love going out to the club then this city is excellent for a memorable vacation with your friends. In order to know exactly where to go, take a look at the following best locations with DJ’s in LA.

The Falls

If you ever decide to go for a crazy holiday in Los Angeles, then you must definitely not miss this place. The Falls is one of the most amazing locations with DJ’s from all over the world. Here, the atmosphere is vibrant and absolutely wonderful. Not only you can dance all night but you will also have the chance to listen to the best house music played by the most famous DJ’s in the entire world. At the bar, you can enjoy a drink and chat with other people, who by the way are very friendly. We recommend you to go for a cocktail called Midnight Cooler.


This is the perfect place in LA to check out famous local bands and DJ’s as well. Inside you will see plenty of mirrors, neons, and gaudy colors. The atmosphere is amazing and once you step inside the club you will feel like you are in another world. Echoplex is without a doubt the perfect location for having an excellent time with friends and go back home with some unforgettable memories.

Mandrake Bar

Are you on holiday in LA and you and you want to listen to some high-quality house music? If so, then you must definitely go to Mandrake Bar. Here you will listen to music that is mixed by the best DJ’s in the area. Make sure you wear something nice because the bar requires a dress code.

Rockwell Table and Stage

Another excellent location with great DJ’s in LA is Rockwell Table and Stage. Tuesdays nights here are perfect for ladies and their friends. At Rockwell, you can listen to different types of music such as dance, rock, or house. By having a look on their official website you will know exactly what music will be on the night you plan to go to this club.

The Highlight Room

If you are looking for amazing views and great vibes in Los Angeles, then you need to go to The Highlight Room. Here, you will live a unique club experience, while listening to the most famous DJ’s. It is true that the drinks are quite expensive at this club, but the whole experience is certainly worth every penny.

La Cita Bar

If you want a more affordable place but still with excellent DJ’s then we recommend you La Cita Bar. Don’t forget to try the micheladas. On Mondays, you can listen to DJ Josh Peace and his wonderful cadre spin fierce dance music. Spend a memorable night with your friends at La Cita Bar, in the stunning LA.

If you want to listen to high-quality music played by professional DJ’s in LA, then all the above locations are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Therefore, if you are on vacation in this city, then have a fun night in any of them.

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